Monday, September 1, 2014

The Spirit of Tasman!

Well, it was that time of the year - Tasman's favourite time - holiday time!  He was up for a big journey to the Victorian Alpine Region.  This meant he needed skis so off he went shopping for skis and ski clothing - he was so excited!  As usual, he wanted to share his holiday story with you all…..

Hi Everyone, Tasman here now!  This is Dinner Plain!  We stayed here for a week in the snow.

It's a lovely Alpine Village.  This was our house.  It was sort of named after another bear…..just spelt a bit differently….

I was amazed by all the snow.  I couldn't stop gazing out at it!

The Sled Dog Challenge was on when we were there.  I loved it!  I cheered and cheered for the snow dogs.  

And I patiently waited for them to return to cheer some more!

Our snow dog puppy Mawson wanted to participate, but he was missing a sled so he didn't get to…..

And because I loved it so much, we went on tour with Australian Sled Dog Tours.  

These are the snow dogs that pulled us along.  They are so strong!  I can't wait for our snow puppy Mawson to get bigger and pull me along….

We took a break from the snow one day and went for a drive.

And we ended up at Lakes Entrance!  

 I never thought I would get to play at the beach on my snow holiday!  

Once back at the snow, Sally and I had fun posing for selfies….how cool is her beanie, she sort of looks like a bear like me!

This is my big brother Frosty who came too.  He is a cool experienced snowboarder.  

 I had to chuckle when he fell over though….poor Frosty…..

We had so much fun in the snow…..

But then I fell over and he laughed at me… was my first time on skis!

I did get better with practice…and became a real snow bear!

Here is am on the Summit Chair at Mt Hotham.  I loved this part of skiing because I was able to rest my sore little legs…..

So after having lots of fun in the snow, we went and stayed at a beautiful town called Bright!  Here I am getting ready for our epic bike ride….Bright-Beechworth-Bright along the Rail Trail….just 154km in 1 day!!!

I made friends with the baker at Beechworth Bakery and refuelled with a cookie monster cupcake - so yummy!

 We all know bears like honey so I couldn't miss out on seeing the bees...

And sampling the honey….

 It was such a long way we pedalled that I had to have a rest on the way home...

I had the best time on my holiday.  I love the Victorian Alpine Region.  But the time came to navigate the way home….

Would you believe the cruise ship we travelled back to Tasmania on was named after me - The Spirit of Tasman!  


  1. You look like you had a wonderful time in the snow Tasman. We bears get to go on the best holidays don't we.
    Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.
    Furry cuddles, Wapusk

    1. Thank you Wapusk. Will have to meet you one day for a photo together! Hugs, Tasman.