Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tasman's 10th Birthday

It is hard to believe it is 10 years since Tasman was born and went on his first big overseas trip!  Of course to celebrate he wanted to go on holiday again and fill his passport with more stamps…..this time the Cook Islands was his destination of choice - he wanted to get a stamp on One Foot Island!

This is Tasman's passport photo - he looks so young!

At Sydney Airport, Tasman could hardly contain his excitement, he was dressed all ready for the sunshine and warm weather

After three flights, Tasman arrived in Rarotonga…..but his luggage didn't…..hmmmm…..  He had planned to ride a lap of the island on his bike but it was in his missing suitcase…..
So he rested his legs instead

Tasman was so happy when his suitcase arrived, he had another flight to catch!  Time for adventures on Aitutaki!

He made sure he would know what to do in the "unlikely event of an emergency!"

When he arrived, Tasman was beary keen to relax by the pool

But Tasman doesn't sit still for long… was time to ride a lap of Aitutaki!

Whilst Tasman didn't change into his usual lycra shorts for the ride, he made sure he still wore his helmet in case a coconut fell on his head...

Tasman could not believe how peaceful this place was

Finally the day arrived to go to One Foot Island.  He travelled by boat around the lagoon.  First stop was Honeymoon Island

It was time to explore!

Tasman always had time to stop for a selfie with Sally

After all, she was his official photographer!

Looking good Tasman!

He searched the island….as if he was shipwrecked….and found a coconut!

Tasman hopped back on the boat and was then taken to One Foot Island.  He couldn't wait to get that special stamp in his passport and the Post Office man was very obliging - his passport is now full!!!

After a yummy barbecue lunch, it was time to return to the big island on the boat….

The next day was another adventure walking up the Maunga Pu Summit….whilst is wasn't very high for us Tasmanians….it was a long way up for a little bear like Tasman!

Tasman pretended he was a monkey….hee hee hee!

And eventually made it to the top!

Time for another "Sally selfie"… could see the whole island from the summit!

Time was drawing close to returning to Rarotonga, so for one last adventure on Aitutaki, Tasman grabbed a kayak and paddled amongst the coral reef.  He saw so many fish!

Tasman's arms weren't used to paddling and after a while became tired so it was time to return to shore….

…...and relax some more

Tasman enjoyed some honey for breakfast by the pool before returning to Rarotonga

The final big adventure for Tasman was the Cross-Island Walk on Rarotonga.  He loved the jungle

And had fun pretending to push over The Needle!

All good things must come to an end, so after a week of adventures, it was time to return home.  Tasman certainly had the best time celebrating his 10th birthday

Bear Hugs from Tasman Teddy xxxxxxxxx

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