Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tasman's Been Travelling Again!

As we know Tasman loves holidays, so when Sally and Dave said they were going cycling in Vietnam he started reading about how he needed to prepare.....

Here is his holiday story.......happy reading!

Firstly, I couldn't wait to get on the plane.....

Ho Chi Minh City here we come!

The traffic is crazy in Ho Chi Minh City, scooters and cars going everywhere!  Crossing the road can be a challenge so I practiced on these quiet streets first.  Beep! beep! beep!

We went up the Saigon Skydeck and had a good look around.  It's a very big city indeed.

We did our cycling tour with Exodus and had the best leader Danh.  He was really cool!  The first day we pedalled to the Cu Chi Tunnels.  This photo shows Sally helping me out of one of the tunnels.  It was very dark down below......and because I am so small I didn't get stuck!

I really enjoyed relaxing during the rest stops on the tour.  I especially liked the "Secret Weapon" drink and sesame and nut brittle with ginger.  I'm sure these helped my little legs pedal fast!

We saw lots of amazing sights.  Here I am in Mui Ne with some colourful fishing boats.

On our way to Dalat we had a few hill climbs.  Sally helped me pedal up these.

And once we reached the bus I found a spot to recover!

After leaving Dalat, we rode past these traditional homes.  Can you see me on the steps?

The best part of this day was the 1600m descent for 30km!  It was so much fun!  

As we headed further north, I had a little ride on this raft.

It was lovely along the coast.  The Vietnamese people are so friendly.  I loved the children running out to say hello to me and giving me "Hi 5s"

Sally's friend Rachael made her a team top for the tour.  As you can see I helped decide the name of our team.  Also, my bike wasn't the only one with pink forks either, Gordon had pink forks too!

Here are some of my new friends I rode with.  I was a little shy at first meeting everyone, but they made me feel so welcome!  

In Hoi An I had some fun with Danh.  I nearly had a suit made like others did, but I would have had to stay with the tailors and miss out on the action with the rest of the group......I decided to just keep wearing my holiday clothes instead.....

A highlight of the tour was cycling all the way up Hai Van Pass.  I was so excited to reach the top I threw my arms in the air!  I'm lucky I don't go red in the face like Sally....hee! hee! hee!

Time for a photo with some of the other boys at Hai Van Pass.

Well here I am psyching myself up for our last day of cycling....

Unfortunately it started raining really heavy and we had to finish early.....

So back on the bus we went......and did some more sightseeing!


Here I am at a tomb.  Can you see me?

That afternoon we boarded the overnight train to Hanoi.  It was a really long way.  I slept like a baby with the rocking of the train!  Luckily no one snored in our cabin either.

From Hanoi we travelled to Halong Bay.  I was amazed by the views.  

I even had my very own bed on the boat thanks to the lucky key draw!

This is one of my favourite photos of the trip.  Sums up the beauty of me and Vietnam!

I loved my Vietnam adventures!  A beary beary beary big thank you to Danh and the tour group for making it so enjoyable and fun!  And I guess I better thank Sally and Dave for letting me join them once again....hope I can come again next time!

Hugs, Tasman xxx

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  1. Wow Tasman, looks like you had a wonderful adventure!