Thursday, August 29, 2013

Star of the Show!

Gosh it has been a beary long time since I have posted on the Worsley Bears blog.....  What can I say....time flies when you are having fun!  I promise I am still here creating bears!

Since my last post, many Worsley Bears have been created and gone to various different homes.  The last bear I created was a gift for a beary special friend which I gave - then said I needed to have him back to enter into the competition at The Hobart Doll Show!  I am glad I did because he won "Bear of the Show"

Wilton and his trophy

This is Wilton (aka "Paws").  Wilton was a name that I chose from nowhere in particular, but "Paws" came from the fact that the leather used was from a jacket that belonged to the husband of my special friend.

Wilton's paws
Wilton received a lot of attention at the Doll Show which was overwhelming!  Many photos were taken and he even featured on the ABC news on TV.  It was after that, when my home phone was ringing, mobile phone beeping and Facebook was flashing at me, it felt like this Worsley Bear had become somewhat of a celebrity!  It was a beary exciting weekend indeed!

A wilted Wilton, it's hard work being a star!

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