Monday, September 10, 2012

Do Worsley Bears Hibernate in Winter?

For bears, Winter is the time for hibernation, and since it has been so long since I have been on my blog you might have thought Worsley Bears have been hibernating too........however this is far from the truth! 

The Bears have been out and about starting with The Rosny Barn Twilight Market in July,

The Hobart Doll Show in August
And The Rosny Barn Market in September.
We have been beary busy socialising at these wonderful events! 
Tasman and I also did some socialising at the Adelaide Zoo with Wang Wang and Funi in July.  I just wish they could have come home with us.......
We spent over an hour just watching them....

So, now to introduce some new Worsley Bears........

Meet Rattie, a special critter creation for a special friend on her 40th Birthday!

Phoebe's Teddy Bear was made for a new human addition to our family.

And Mr Bear, who is waiting very patiently for his new owner to be born!

Now it is Spring, time for more Worsley Bears to enter the world!  Better get bearing......

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