Wednesday, April 18, 2012

School Time

I have never loved going to school as much as I love going to Bear School!  Last weekend I attended an amazing and inspiring three day workshop with the famous Linda Benson.  Along with seven other lovely bear creators, I learnt many new skills in making Linda's polar bear.  I was very excited doing my homework prior to school - working with beautiful, soft German alpaca - and leaving a trail of fluff all over my home.....  I couldn't wait to get to school!  The first day we created trapunto leather paw pads. 

Day two, the heads were commenced........
Who would have thought this hand puppet could then transform into this gorgeous face!

With Linda's guidance, skill and expertise, we enthusiastically created these beautiful polar bears!  Some of the bears gestation exceeded the three days but are sure to be born very soon...... 

My polar bear, Roley Poley, loves hugs
(and I love to hug him!).

He also likes to explore

And smile for the camera!

Bear School was filled with a lot of skill, fantastic company and much laughter along with a few huffs and puffs when things didn't always go right the first time........what a great time we all had!  I can't wait to go to Bear School again!


  1. Love it! Your bear is gorgeous Sally and we had such a fantastic time - I can't wait for next time! :)

  2. He is so cute Sally well done!