Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Worsley Bear on Holiday - Tasman's Travels.

When Tasman heard the trip to Hawaii was booked, he was thrilled.  He packed his bags and was pleased his passport had not expired!  Tasman was coming whether he was invited or not!

Tasman is a well travelled bear.  He has already visited the United Kingdom, Ireland, New York, Los Angeles, Canada, New Zealand and of course, parts of Australia.

Before the long flight, Tasman loved relaxing in the Qantas First Club Lounge. 
He felt like a VIB! (very important bear)

The first place upon arrival to Waikiki, Oahu was Teddy Bear World Hawaii! 
We took lots of photos and Tasman made lots of beary nice friends.

He received a warm Hawaiian welcome - Aloha!

Hawaii is a great place to snorkel, even for bears!

Bearack Obama was also very welcoming.

Tasman is now a huge fan of Elvis after watching his show at Teddy Bear World.

As much as Tasman wanted to stay at Teddy Bear World and play with the other bears, he thought he better do some sightseeing! 

He loved exploring Kualoa Ranch.  Popular television shows and movies have been filmed here.

Time for some rest and relaxation in Hilo. 
So nice and warm....bit different to Tasmania at the moment....

On the Big Island Tasman explored the Volcanoes National Park.  There was so much lava!

Because of all the volcanoes, some Hawaiian beaches have black sand.

This valley on the Big Island was beautiful.

The turtles were so friendly, Tasman had fun hanging out with them.

Tasman decided he needed a driving lesson,
it was tricky learning to drive on the wrong side of the road.....

He made it to the top safely.  It was a long drive up!

It was then time to return to the beach and enjoy the rest of the time in Hawaii. 
He was not so sure about this beach in Maui though....

 This is the life for a travelling bear!  He loved Hawaii.

Bye bye Hawaii!  Mahalo!

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  1. Tasman is the luckiest bear in the world! He has so many exciting adventures.
    Katie Lavender